What is VANGLED?

VANGLED is a blog site about food, travel, literary fiction, and special mentions that the author(s) might find as an interesting read. In a nutshell, it’s all about life and experience.

Currently, there is only one author of VANGLED; yet, if you are interested to be a part of this blog, well, hop right in! You can send me an e-mail posted at VANGLED’s Contact page.








About the Author

Currently, I am a software developer in the banking industry. If you ever wonder what a software developer does, well, we are the people who construct and/or fix software products which optimizes, or make easy, a business’s workflows designed for the digital world of today. Since I work in the said industry, me and my team mates focus more on banking software products. Further information about software developers can be found here.

Aside from my job, I am also interested in writing literary fiction. It’s a hobby I have developed over time as a kid. Some of my fiction write-ups can be found here, while some are a work in progress.

My interests expand more from self-studying photography to exploring food and places. SO, I could say I am starting to engage in featuring the like and, possibly, spread the information over the internet through VANGLED.

 – Sarah Evangelista