Virtual Lux

A girl I know for quite so long
Asked me to write a tuneless song
With rhyming words describing her
And lines that tell of who we were

From virtual world she came with light
As cheerful as a bird in flight
She casted glee on things at sight
Renewing hope from day ’til night

She lighten moods on gloomy day
Like she’s the sun, and I’m the rain
Her heart is filled with love that sway
She comforts souls who bear much pain

But not all times she wear her smile
The sun sets down once in a while
With day’s parting and night’s coming,
The moon’s shining with lights blaring

Up until now, we haven’t met
Describing her, I can’t do yet
But we do talk like cosmic souls
Venture time as fleeting wormholes

Image source:

© Sky River 2016


About Sky River

An aloof cloud wandering the vast sky.
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