How People Made The Difference

It’s been a long while since I last wrote here. I was busy having fun and busy of doing work or things to think about. I am always preoccupied in thoughts, or in actions, truly; yet the more the time progresses these days for me, I get to learn more, about other things, and myself, too, which in turn, develop my skills professionally and personally in the process.

One of the things that kept me busy was our company’s summer outing, apparently.

Me and my office mates were out in the sun just the third weekend of June 2015. And it was fun, just simply fun. I did not realize beforehand that I would experience this from an IT company…to think that I am part of the committee who participated in managing a part of the events.

So, I came to a place where I have been once before. It was the place that our employer sent the employees into the summer outing of the previous year. Most of the employees I know yawned and stomped their feet when they heard about it; honestly, I was one of them. But I never knew how much the people made the difference in visiting the same place the second time around.

Since the last quarter of 2013, half of the employee population of the company I am in right now was split in half in behalf of our employer’s partner company. Hence the rest of the said year and the following year, our employer filled the missing half slowly until they reached their goal. There are people I know and then there are fresh faces I knew nothing about.

Although I had doubted very much the things what my colleagues have said that it would be different and more fun, I did not imagine how it impacting it can be.

On that one hot summer day of June 20th 2015, we had a relay of mini-games, then Be Careful With My Egg, and Hit the Pot game. Most of these games are of Filipino culture.

The relay include Sipa (Washer Version)Kadang-Kadang, Obstacle Course, Jump/Skipping Rope, Limbo Rockand, lastly, the Sack Race. All of these games come with a twist. In every mini-game, there are people allotted to play for each; and after each mini-game, one player should pass their flag to the next mini-game players until they have reached the finish line. For example, the sack race should be played by a group of three people with only one sack. Team work and strategy is the main focus of the game.

Sack Race: Team GGSS

Sack Race: Team GGSS

Team One Direction

Team One Direction

The skipping rope mini-game, was funny, too. Each player while jumping, should pass to their next co-player the hat that they are wearing until it reached the flag holder to continue with the next mini-game.

Pass The Hat While Skipping

Pass The Hat While Skipping

Pass The Hat While Skipping

Pass The Hat While Skipping

If any of these people fail to jump while skipping or either one of them got snagged on the rope, they repeat the whole skipping rope mini-game.

Those are a few examples of the mini-games for the relay. For the other two, please read on.

The Be Careful With My Egg activity are composed of the winners of the relay who get to play this game. For this part, six (6) team members should pass the egg to the other player in front of them until it reached the final member without breaking it. Of course, the members who have already done their part of the game should stay in place, the challenge. Coordination and focus is the highlight of the game.

Be Careful With My Egg

Be Careful With My Egg Demo

The two teams who did not break an egg will be declared as the winners and will play the Hit the Pot game, the championships.

The Hit the Pot game will only be composed of two players: one, the coach and two, the follower. The follower is blind folded and shall only listen to the coach’s directions on where to find the pot to be hit. Listening, following directions, and creating clear directions get to play a big role for this challenge for both of the players.

Hit The Pot Game (Pukpok Palayok)

Hit The Pot Game (Pukpok Palayok)

How Do You Listen and Create Directions?

How Do You Listen and Create Directions?

So, those are the three activities in the morning; the night’s event, also include games, but more laid-back. The people who managed the Social Night event were managed by another group of people apart from mine.

One example of the game was the Tissue Roll game. The teams were given a pack of tissue rolls and each player should get as many tissue pads as they want from it. Most of the team members were unrolling too many tissue pads, they could cover their face up. And they could only regret it when they found out about the mechanics later on.

For each pad they have unrolled (i.e, I unrolled six tissue pads), they get to share the same number of unique things about them that the employees or their team members do not know anything about. Most of the players became anxious when their names were drawn from the bowl to share something about themselves upfront. The target of the game, apparently, was to get to know the selected employee more.

The good thing was, since I am not the kind to like to share things about me in front of many people because it makes me feel queasy, I am a non-playing committee. So in any of the day and night events’ games, I’m safe. Otherwise, I might have fainted, stutter, or have eaten my words up in front of a crowd.

The second game focuses on the same thing, Bingo. Well, there was this modified Bingo card which has scribbles of words and logos we mostly do not know anything about. Each player of the team receives one and at least one of each team should be able to complete a pattern as declared by the facilitators.

Guess what, the words Lachen (I did not know that this was a place) and the Audi logo, were included. How to complete a pattern? Well, each word or logo relates to an employee within the company; so, they should find out who that person is and get a signature from them.

In conclusion, I could say, that this is more interesting and fun that what I had before in the past two and a half years of my life in my current employer. Even our managing director said so when he shared his thoughts in the Social Night. I was hoping everyone does. Else, I will never know how else I could excite them.

If you want to see more of the photos I have, you could check out my Facebook account’s album entitled SOFGEN Summer Outing ’15

If you are having trouble in looking up the album, you can contact me by navigating to our Contact page here on VANGLED. Ta ta for now! 🙂


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    Hallhlujae! I needed this-you’re my savior.



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