Jack, Story Of A Smile, and What’s Behind

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

Smile. The world looks upon you.

This is a photo of Jack Skellington, a figurine given to me by my sister. I kept it at my room and put it by my computer desk, standing.

I always wonder why Jack was made that way by the creators of The Nightmare Before Christmas. By then, it got my attention and gave me, somewhat, a profound attraction to its character.

By watching the movie, at the start, Jack does not know what Christmas means; he only knew Halloween Town. His infatuation and curiosity to the world he accidentally stepped on to, Christmas Town, kept him very busy. He gathered some of the things from the place and inspected it…experimented, even.

Jack Skellington: Experimenting Christmas

Image source: tmramr75.blogspot.com

Sadly, I was not able to finish watching the film. But he’s the kind of the character I would turn my head to. He was tired of the same routine their yearly tradition offers.

He’s sad, curious, impulsive, determined, emotional, and always willing to know more of what could be on the outside of his world, or more specifically, Christmas Town.

Going back to the first picture, I shot it that way, holding his other head of a different emotion hiding behind his back, to be left open for interpretation. (I have another toy of him which has four (4)  detachable heads of different facial expressions, by the way.)

I learned that a single picture could tell a thousand words, sometimes more. There are plenty of stories behind a person’s smile. Most of them we do not know – and will never know, most of them we do – with few details.

In many unimaginable things happening in the world, some are the worst things I might not even get a glimpse of, I can not put into words how I appreciate the people who dynamically and rapidly switch into a smile and hope for a better opportunity they can get for a new start.

Jack Skellington

Jack, smile and be a better you.

© 2015 Niobe Falls


About Niobe Falls

Hi, a wonderful day to you! To summarize what I do, I write codes and literary fiction. I write software program source codes for a living - so I am currently a software developer (link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_developer) . Yet I developed my "talent" in fiction writing on circa 2003; I was a graduating student in elementary school back then. I was fascinated by Bram Stoker's Dracula and has made me wonder if I could write like him, too, in a sense. I started by tweaking my favorite songs and transforming it to another poem/prose. Funny, that I used to have this "problem" in fiction writing that I cannot produce any written material when I am not sad. Now I can, with less effort. That's it about me. So, see you around!
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