Clouds Fall

I see no use
    I see no use of it all
How, when all my burden
        Dissipated when you've gone

Yet heavier, then flunked
    Flunked, then gone.
Back again when the shadow
        of the night start to crawl.

 Clouds beside me
A blur dream
 A dream of a distant star,
my reality. I cringe.

             Through and through, I dream...
Through and through, I dreamt.

© 2015 Niobe Falls


About Niobe Falls

Hi, a wonderful day to you! To summarize what I do, I write codes and literary fiction. I write software program source codes for a living - so I am currently a software developer (link: . Yet I developed my "talent" in fiction writing on circa 2003; I was a graduating student in elementary school back then. I was fascinated by Bram Stoker's Dracula and has made me wonder if I could write like him, too, in a sense. I started by tweaking my favorite songs and transforming it to another poem/prose. Funny, that I used to have this "problem" in fiction writing that I cannot produce any written material when I am not sad. Now I can, with less effort. That's it about me. So, see you around!
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