A meeting with Indonesian Pres. Jokowi

It has been a month since I signed up in an on-line petition against the execution of my fellow countrywoman in Indonesia. Mary Jane Veloso, a mother of two, has unknowingly fallen victim of an allegedly drug mule, as per news and posts scattered all over the internet, TV, and radio broadcasting.

Not knowing how the power of social media and prayer have influenced this unimaginable possibility, many of our countrymen, and other concerned individuals around the world, gave out a huge sigh of relief when Mary Jane was granted reprieve…at the last minute. That was close.

While going through some of my e-mails today, I received this update below from Change.org regarding another petition for Mary Jane. If you think that Mary Jane is innocent of the crime she is being persecuted of, you may sign up on the petition by clicking on the image at the lower right side of this article.

Pres. Jokowi is still interested in discussing the fate of Mary Jane Veloso & when we meet with him, we plan to submit 500k signatures. We are now 360k-strong. Help us raise 140k more so we can show him that there’s still global pressure to #SaveMaryJane


Invite FB & Twitter friends to sign

This Friday marks exactly one month since human trafficking victim Mary Jane Veloso was granted the reprieve by Indonesian President Jokowi.And yet, we’re still waiting for President Jokowi to finally grant her the clemency and pardon she deserves. Last week, Mary Jane’s illegal recruiter revealed in her affidavit that Mary Jane is indeed innocent.

There’s a good possibility that we will be meeting Pres. Jokowi soon, and we plan to deliver our petition with the help of our migrant, human rights and religious partners in Jakarta. We might join Migrant Care’s Exec. Director Anis Hidayah as she submits her report to the president about her recent visit to Mary Jane’s home in the Philippines.

Help us reach half a million signatures by Friday. Please forward this email to friends or invite your Facebook and Twitter friends directly to sign the petition.

Let’s do it again, everyone! We need 140,000 signatures more to #SaveMaryJane. Pres. Jokowi was moved by our collective voices once. We can do it again to help convince him to finally set Mary Jane free and send her back home to her two kids.


Nardy Sabino


Church Task Force to Save the Life of Mary Jane Veloso

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