Virtual Lux

A girl I know for quite so long
Asked me to write a tuneless song
With rhyming words describing her
And lines that tell of who we were

From virtual world she came with light
As cheerful as a bird in flight
She casted glee on things at sight
Renewing hope from day ’til night

She lighten moods on gloomy day
Like she’s the sun, and I’m the rain
Her heart is filled with love that sway
She comforts souls who bear much pain

But not all times she wear her smile
The sun sets down once in a while
With day’s parting and night’s coming,
The moon’s shining with lights blaring

Up until now, we haven’t met
Describing her, I can’t do yet
But we do talk like cosmic souls
Venture time as fleeting wormholes

Image source:

© Sky River 2016

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Mistakes, Mistaken

“Do not tell anyone they are wrong, they know it. Tell them why they are wrong, they will appreciate it.”

(C) 2015 Niobe Falls

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Meetings That Don’t Suck

This is very resourceful.

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To Undying Love, This I Vow

I want not to leave nor live without thou;
the days do come to I very undone.
Love is thou rose: painful yet it so beau.
Pain, none so far, is now in summer’s bloom.
Doom, to I, justifies the truth to this:
Love is joy and love is hurt- both ways pass.
But though love is doom, I know I not miss
the chronic substance of living love’s mass.
Love, shall I vow not to leave ’til I die?
Or shall myself die now to be with thou
eternally: life on the farthest side?
This, I shall not know; though, to you I’ll go.
I vow to this sonnet that I shall love
thee: until the earth shall crash from above.

This sonnet is written in April 2011.

(C) 2015 Niobe Falls

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But Not Everyone Who Is Wealthy Is Rich

One friend earlier tagged me on her Facebook post saying, “They say money can’t buy you happiness, but being broke buys you nothing.” See the word ‘brokeright there?

Plenty of people have been saying almost the same context when it comes to money. I have seen a meme which says, “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you pizza.” It’s funny and I doubt that you have not seen that. From the turn of events when it comes to the perception about money, in conclusion, they say that money is the root of all evil. On that note, I wondered: why curse or sour grape on something that [could] keep you alive?

I do not wish to imply that we should praise and/or worship money just to keep us off from the streets. Plus, it won’t make you any better than anyone else if you have more. BUT from what I have observed since I have stepped foot on my college years up to now, as an employee, it had been the blood of the economy and its people. And what makes one wealthier than another is because of it.

So, as student back then, I asked myself, why are there people who are wealthy and why are there people who are not? As I wander through time and learning, I have found an answer along the way.

Yet, I have to ask you one thing. Do you know any employee who is wealthy, one who does not need to work for full eight hours (or more), five days a week? If you do, then I’d like to hear your story. If not, well, let’s go further. Doctors, Information Technology specialists, managers, bankers, and what-have-you-got, have you encountered such who does not need to work at least a whole month without losing instead gaining money?

From what I had seen, I noticed who those people are. They are the people behind the ideas around the world which kept the consumers busy. They are the thinkers and innovators who solves the problem of, at least, one industry and make progressions in its existing state. They are the entrepreneurs or business men.

Hence, I have answered my personal question, too: why is MBA allowed for anyone to take who is in their graduate levels in any age? My personal answer: because anyone can be a business man in their chosen industry, whether you are an engineering graduate or whatever course you had taken in college.

But not everyone who is wealthy is rich.

I am not saying that anyone who is wealthy is rich. Being wealthy is just a part of being rich; being truly rich is someone who does not insanely measure almost everything with monetary value. If there’s one thing I learned from reading a business book, being truly rich is valuing the life and time you have that you traded your ideas and shared it with the population, instead of slaving yourself for money in a job. Making money out of it is the bonus. It may require more time at the beginning, but well, imagine what it can do for you in the long run. Just look at the wealthiest person you know, then you might get the idea of what I am relaying.

(C) 2015 Niobe Falls

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A Different Kind of Sunday

Today, I had a friend invite me over at their church for a Sunday Service. She never told me that she’s a Born Again Christian; I just assumed so because of her jargon. I had proven that even more when we got to their place of praise.

While I was on my way there, I was hit by memories I had of Manila; it’s a city where I used to go to for research and outdoor activities when I was still in college. I remember the vintage feel or the Spanish influence in Intramuros and the hours I spent at the National Library of the Philippines – I crunched all the efforts in one day to read through materials so I won’t have to go back, because it’s far from my place.

The National Library of the Philippines

The National Library of the Philippines

I used to go to this library when I was doing my research for my thesis or Technical Writing subject (I could not remember which exactly, but either one or both). It had three or four floors (please correct me if I am wrong) from what I could remember from my vague recollections. It also has a collection of paintings and the constitutions written by the lawmakers of the country. Additionally, it also has the original manuscript of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo – the popular novels written by our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal (salute).



As you can see from the picture above, there’s this old bridge which has stood from circa 1800 or 1900 (once again, please correct me if I am wrong) until today. When I traveled through Manila’s roads earlier, I did not realize how much I missed it.

Going back: when I saw my friend, Joyce, at our meeting place in SM Manila, she gave me this huge smile while carrying a McDonald’s kiddie meal. I asked her if she could buy me a burger and fries with drinks over the phone when I was still on my way, then told her I would pay her back when we meet; so I was wondering if what she was carrying is my food. At the time we were sitting at McDonald’s, she handed me the red box with the yellow M logo. I had to tell you, it made me laugh. It has this Minion character toy inside along with the food. How thoughtful and playful, really.

With my thirst and hunger quenched (with small wonder on how to play with the toy she gave me), we headed on to the church, where she usually goes to every Sunday. It is located near Malacañan Palace, Manila.

When we arrived, there are church people welcoming me. “This is different,” I thought. But then, she told me that the afternoon service is for, as she called it, “seekers” or more commonly known as “new comers”. Being born and raised as a Catholic, I find Born Again Christians as modern followers of Christ.

To be honest, I did not expect what I have experienced in Horizon church. The pastor is very much alive and snags your attention which makes the service more interesting. I doubt that you’d get bored listening to him. And there was this lesson of comparing your perception, other’s perception, and God’s perception of yourself.

Very likely, if people will be asked of their perception about themselves, most of them will answer something more on the negative side. Other people, will answer the same thing, too, when they get to be asked of how they see you as a person. But God won’t.

How the church members depicted it? Well, they sang two different songs at the same time: Beautiful by Christina Aguilera and the other, Creep by Radiohead. See video below.

We all have different perceptions of ourselves; other people, too. But whether you think you are not perfect or otherwise, there’s always a purpose for our existence. And finding out that purpose and how to start finding it, will be the big step towards the road you are supposed to live through. Like it or not, it always boils down to that point. Ask the right questions, whether you are an atheist or religious, I am positive that anyone with their right mind will get to ask themselves: “What is my purpose?”

From the pastor’s teachings, the only way to find out who you are and what your purpose is to know God first. As for me, I have been asking Him. I have always been looking for that answer for years; I would never know if I would not ask. What harm can a question do to me, right? So I have the same question for you: “What is your purpose?”

Image source:

“National Library of the Philippines, Feb 14” by Sky Harbor – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“Intramuros” by P199 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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How People Made The Difference

It’s been a long while since I last wrote here. I was busy having fun and busy of doing work or things to think about. I am always preoccupied in thoughts, or in actions, truly; yet the more the time progresses these days for me, I get to learn more, about other things, and myself, too, which in turn, develop my skills professionally and personally in the process.

One of the things that kept me busy was our company’s summer outing, apparently.

Me and my office mates were out in the sun just the third weekend of June 2015. And it was fun, just simply fun. I did not realize beforehand that I would experience this from an IT company…to think that I am part of the committee who participated in managing a part of the events.

So, I came to a place where I have been once before. It was the place that our employer sent the employees into the summer outing of the previous year. Most of the employees I know yawned and stomped their feet when they heard about it; honestly, I was one of them. But I never knew how much the people made the difference in visiting the same place the second time around.

Since the last quarter of 2013, half of the employee population of the company I am in right now was split in half in behalf of our employer’s partner company. Hence the rest of the said year and the following year, our employer filled the missing half slowly until they reached their goal. There are people I know and then there are fresh faces I knew nothing about.

Although I had doubted very much the things what my colleagues have said that it would be different and more fun, I did not imagine how it impacting it can be.

On that one hot summer day of June 20th 2015, we had a relay of mini-games, then Be Careful With My Egg, and Hit the Pot game. Most of these games are of Filipino culture.

The relay include Sipa (Washer Version)Kadang-Kadang, Obstacle Course, Jump/Skipping Rope, Limbo Rockand, lastly, the Sack Race. All of these games come with a twist. In every mini-game, there are people allotted to play for each; and after each mini-game, one player should pass their flag to the next mini-game players until they have reached the finish line. For example, the sack race should be played by a group of three people with only one sack. Team work and strategy is the main focus of the game.

Sack Race: Team GGSS

Sack Race: Team GGSS

Team One Direction

Team One Direction

The skipping rope mini-game, was funny, too. Each player while jumping, should pass to their next co-player the hat that they are wearing until it reached the flag holder to continue with the next mini-game.

Pass The Hat While Skipping

Pass The Hat While Skipping

Pass The Hat While Skipping

Pass The Hat While Skipping

If any of these people fail to jump while skipping or either one of them got snagged on the rope, they repeat the whole skipping rope mini-game.

Those are a few examples of the mini-games for the relay. For the other two, please read on.

The Be Careful With My Egg activity are composed of the winners of the relay who get to play this game. For this part, six (6) team members should pass the egg to the other player in front of them until it reached the final member without breaking it. Of course, the members who have already done their part of the game should stay in place, the challenge. Coordination and focus is the highlight of the game.

Be Careful With My Egg

Be Careful With My Egg Demo

The two teams who did not break an egg will be declared as the winners and will play the Hit the Pot game, the championships.

The Hit the Pot game will only be composed of two players: one, the coach and two, the follower. The follower is blind folded and shall only listen to the coach’s directions on where to find the pot to be hit. Listening, following directions, and creating clear directions get to play a big role for this challenge for both of the players.

Hit The Pot Game (Pukpok Palayok)

Hit The Pot Game (Pukpok Palayok)

How Do You Listen and Create Directions?

How Do You Listen and Create Directions?

So, those are the three activities in the morning; the night’s event, also include games, but more laid-back. The people who managed the Social Night event were managed by another group of people apart from mine.

One example of the game was the Tissue Roll game. The teams were given a pack of tissue rolls and each player should get as many tissue pads as they want from it. Most of the team members were unrolling too many tissue pads, they could cover their face up. And they could only regret it when they found out about the mechanics later on.

For each pad they have unrolled (i.e, I unrolled six tissue pads), they get to share the same number of unique things about them that the employees or their team members do not know anything about. Most of the players became anxious when their names were drawn from the bowl to share something about themselves upfront. The target of the game, apparently, was to get to know the selected employee more.

The good thing was, since I am not the kind to like to share things about me in front of many people because it makes me feel queasy, I am a non-playing committee. So in any of the day and night events’ games, I’m safe. Otherwise, I might have fainted, stutter, or have eaten my words up in front of a crowd.

The second game focuses on the same thing, Bingo. Well, there was this modified Bingo card which has scribbles of words and logos we mostly do not know anything about. Each player of the team receives one and at least one of each team should be able to complete a pattern as declared by the facilitators.

Guess what, the words Lachen (I did not know that this was a place) and the Audi logo, were included. How to complete a pattern? Well, each word or logo relates to an employee within the company; so, they should find out who that person is and get a signature from them.

In conclusion, I could say, that this is more interesting and fun that what I had before in the past two and a half years of my life in my current employer. Even our managing director said so when he shared his thoughts in the Social Night. I was hoping everyone does. Else, I will never know how else I could excite them.

If you want to see more of the photos I have, you could check out my Facebook account’s album entitled SOFGEN Summer Outing ’15

If you are having trouble in looking up the album, you can contact me by navigating to our Contact page here on VANGLED. Ta ta for now! 🙂

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Idle Peace

How can an old world see peace
or one be at ease,
when silence and conqueror
are mixed together?

Flashing points of mended steel
or papers on wheel,
for one, plenty it slaughter.
More so together.

Silent eyes, pierced lips, pleading:
a new beginning.
Most knew nothing for something,
but no one’s hearing.

People grew and yet wonder
life’s reason; wander
through the journey of these leaves,
dry or wet in eves.

They cry, dry tears for all years;
succumb to fierce fears.
Lashing, cold, and gnashing dreams
disturbing heights, means.

Sun shines above on us all:
browning greens on fall
to greening browns of the spring.
One knew everything.

One hears hearts’ screams: fears, joys, dreams…
drowning but praying.
One may be idle in sight.
Wait, kneel, for He’s might.

Image source:

© 2015 Niobe Falls

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Jack, Story Of A Smile, and What’s Behind

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

Smile. The world looks upon you.

This is a photo of Jack Skellington, a figurine given to me by my sister. I kept it at my room and put it by my computer desk, standing.

I always wonder why Jack was made that way by the creators of The Nightmare Before Christmas. By then, it got my attention and gave me, somewhat, a profound attraction to its character.

By watching the movie, at the start, Jack does not know what Christmas means; he only knew Halloween Town. His infatuation and curiosity to the world he accidentally stepped on to, Christmas Town, kept him very busy. He gathered some of the things from the place and inspected it…experimented, even.

Jack Skellington: Experimenting Christmas

Image source:

Sadly, I was not able to finish watching the film. But he’s the kind of the character I would turn my head to. He was tired of the same routine their yearly tradition offers.

He’s sad, curious, impulsive, determined, emotional, and always willing to know more of what could be on the outside of his world, or more specifically, Christmas Town.

Going back to the first picture, I shot it that way, holding his other head of a different emotion hiding behind his back, to be left open for interpretation. (I have another toy of him which has four (4)  detachable heads of different facial expressions, by the way.)

I learned that a single picture could tell a thousand words, sometimes more. There are plenty of stories behind a person’s smile. Most of them we do not know – and will never know, most of them we do – with few details.

In many unimaginable things happening in the world, some are the worst things I might not even get a glimpse of, I can not put into words how I appreciate the people who dynamically and rapidly switch into a smile and hope for a better opportunity they can get for a new start.

Jack Skellington

Jack, smile and be a better you.

© 2015 Niobe Falls

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Memories’ Treachery

This night and in any night,
I would remember:
all the things we did together.
Awake under the pale moonlight,
alone in the dark night.

In my mind, we talk, laugh together…
sank in the thought of forever.
Walking alone, I always wonder
if my name shuts your thoughts
’til it surrender.

If I could only teach
memories not to whisper…

This mind betrays its owner.

Yet I’d choose to live
catching memories,
rather than dying
in forgotten heart’s symphonies.

© 2015 Niobe Falls

Image by Jamie JamieJunior in

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A Walk in the Park


Lanterns by the Greens Ayala – Triangle, Makati, Philippines


Walkway – Ayala Triangle, Makati, Philippines

I could say I need more improvements in taking photos.

These photos, by the way, were taken while I was going home from work last Friday. I used to sit by the greens where the people are sitting on…thinking. I missed the place since I moved to another office. And there were slight changes: there were benches by the walkway. But I was not able to take pictures of it though.

By 5 o’clock, some people would jog in the park…and plenty of them arrive as the sun retires from the horizon.


Joggers at Dusk – Ayala Triangle, Makati, Philippines

I hope I could take more pictures soon so I could learn more about taking good photos.

© 2015 Niobe Falls

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Spring Day Children

Bring to me happiness.
Bring to me joy.
Bring to me gladness
 and bags full of toys.

Come, come let's play
 springs on sunny days!
Weeds, twigs, trees
 cling against wind's breeze.
Flower petals, leaves;
  beautiful spring eves.

 Tease the sun
    kiss the fall.
    Jump, run
 do it all.
 Leap, laugh, crawl.
    If it doesn't hurt, then it's not
    learning at all.

© 2015 Niobe Falls

Image source:
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Fear and The Man-made Box

Some people say life is unfair. People say so because the world is filled with difficulties. Difficulties that keep the mind clouded with frustrations, which transforms into fear. Dreams, aspirations crushed on a single night as the world spins around, while you lay down on your back, thinking…waiting for sleep.

It’s saddening, for a thought. Because of what we think, we do. Nobody said it’s easy to win a battle. No one said it’s okay to strike back and fight, knowing the possibility of getting hurt and bleed.

It’s harder to breathe while you bleed. It’s difficult; it will only get worse.

Yet it is that, life. It is, even before man has ever succeeded the earth, in my opinion. It’s terrifying.

But do you know what is more terrifying? The end. No one will ever know the end of anything until it happened.

The challenges, problems we have on our hands became the box that enclosed us, thinking there’s no way around, drowned people of fear. People get stuck inside it, we do. Until the end came closer and took us in.

But life is fair. It has always been. That so-called box is a means to challenge people, to recreate themselves. They are problems to be solved or destroyed, not an indicator of limitation – another illusion. There is no box, just you and the world with the other creations.

So the only question is: are we living in the world or in the box?

© 2015 Niobe Falls

Photo powered by Pablo.
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Of Mind Speaking

Speak not with the mouth,
when words wind, tangle, clout.
Speak not with eyes closed,
for eyes see the real world.

See not the world; 
    Look at the world's works.

Speak not with heart's doors barred,
spirits, souls, it prisoned - armed.
Speak not of people's tragedies,
lives of not your own.

Shatter not people's lives,
speak as if it's your own.
Hate is not the people,
Hate's doings of people.
Ah, it is, the world is filled,
claws and fangs prowling green fields.

Thoughts fill hearts.
    Thoughts of goodness...
                       build kind hearts.
Thoughts of detriments...
                       fill hearts of broken souls. 

© 2015 Niobe Falls

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Birthday Bash Duo

The Celebrants: Joyce and Jhoy

The Celebrants: Joyce and Jhoy

Makati, Philippines

A very special greetings to Jhoy Terrado and Joyce Bonilla for their birthday today, May 29, 2015.

The duo, with various things to do and places to choose from to celebrate their special day, decided to stay in the office and have their mini-celebration shared with their office mates during the afternoon break.

With boxes of pizza, sushi, palabok, ice cream, and soft-drinks, they welcomed their day with smiles and full tummies. They are the kind of office mates you sure do want to have in your workplace. Not only they are hardworking and friendly, they are also the folks who love to celebrate with lotsa food! Kudos to the few sponsors of these celebrants!

Happy birthday to you two. God speed!

© 2015 Niobe Falls

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Clouds Fall

I see no use
    I see no use of it all
How, when all my burden
        Dissipated when you've gone

Yet heavier, then flunked
    Flunked, then gone.
Back again when the shadow
        of the night start to crawl.

 Clouds beside me
A blur dream
 A dream of a distant star,
my reality. I cringe.

             Through and through, I dream...
Through and through, I dreamt.

© 2015 Niobe Falls

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A meeting with Indonesian Pres. Jokowi

It has been a month since I signed up in an on-line petition against the execution of my fellow countrywoman in Indonesia. Mary Jane Veloso, a mother of two, has unknowingly fallen victim of an allegedly drug mule, as per news and posts scattered all over the internet, TV, and radio broadcasting.

Not knowing how the power of social media and prayer have influenced this unimaginable possibility, many of our countrymen, and other concerned individuals around the world, gave out a huge sigh of relief when Mary Jane was granted reprieve…at the last minute. That was close.

While going through some of my e-mails today, I received this update below from regarding another petition for Mary Jane. If you think that Mary Jane is innocent of the crime she is being persecuted of, you may sign up on the petition by clicking on the image at the lower right side of this article.

Pres. Jokowi is still interested in discussing the fate of Mary Jane Veloso & when we meet with him, we plan to submit 500k signatures. We are now 360k-strong. Help us raise 140k more so we can show him that there’s still global pressure to #SaveMaryJane


Invite FB & Twitter friends to sign

This Friday marks exactly one month since human trafficking victim Mary Jane Veloso was granted the reprieve by Indonesian President Jokowi.And yet, we’re still waiting for President Jokowi to finally grant her the clemency and pardon she deserves. Last week, Mary Jane’s illegal recruiter revealed in her affidavit that Mary Jane is indeed innocent.

There’s a good possibility that we will be meeting Pres. Jokowi soon, and we plan to deliver our petition with the help of our migrant, human rights and religious partners in Jakarta. We might join Migrant Care’s Exec. Director Anis Hidayah as she submits her report to the president about her recent visit to Mary Jane’s home in the Philippines.

Help us reach half a million signatures by Friday. Please forward this email to friends or invite your Facebook and Twitter friends directly to sign the petition.

Let’s do it again, everyone! We need 140,000 signatures more to #SaveMaryJane. Pres. Jokowi was moved by our collective voices once. We can do it again to help convince him to finally set Mary Jane free and send her back home to her two kids.


Nardy Sabino


Church Task Force to Save the Life of Mary Jane Veloso

© 2015 Niobe Falls

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Go Forward

Go Forward

Go Forward

There’s nothing wrong in being wrong.

There’s nothing wrong in being incomplete.

What makes it wrong is not forgiving yourself and moving on.

© 2015 Niobe Falls

Image Source:

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Violence and Self Injustice, An Experience

“The sound of muffled screams, punches thrown and absorbed by soft muscles, and slapping and banging of doors right at the other room brings about another terror inside of me. Hearing it wakes my limits, my old fear. In this summer night, I shivered, but not of cold. And nothing’s left but myself in the darkness of the night. The darkness… the darkness amplifies the heavy feeling.”

  • Excerpt of March 21, 2011

In that gloomy, scary night, I was the little scared girl once again. As I lay down on my thin foamed cot, with a used disassembled carton box underneath it to protect my back from the slightly cold floor, moonlight splashed across the room from outside the window as I opened my eyes to yet another sad recollections of the past. The familiarity, the imagery, the memory flicked across my mind’s eye.

It felt like stumbling upon a person you used to know at the street, but you don’t want to admit that you knew them. So, you avert your eyes and walk away.

I remembered that there were voices from another room, man and woman, arguing. But it’s not something I would hear from the days of long ago. What frightened me was the silence that they left after the last words were spoken. It was something new to me.

I was that person who’d wait for the bell to break the silence and come scurrying to cover thyself. I was afraid, I always was. But I never said the words. They knew, but the man kept on doing it for years. It was something that would put a mark on a part of you.

It’s like a scab; when you accidentally scratch on its surface, it bleeds.

Whenever I remember the memories of physical violence and emotional pain, I write it. I write it until my mind has diverted into another realm of idea. It’s how I kill the memory until I no longer know how it feels like to be watching and not being able to do anything.

Then I remember it again, for so long, I would remember it. Something or someone somewhere would trigger it, hence I repeat the process. Until the memory felt like a dull space in my head that used to fill an important information.

What’s more saddening is: as I would recall, I get number and number, ’til I no longer feel anything for the person I used to be. It felt like treachery or injustice to the old me…a prison.

© 2015 Niobe Falls

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